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Benefits of Silk and Silk Facts

As skin ages it loses elasticity. Sleeping on Pure silk can reduce the stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin sleep creases that can be gradually ironed in over the years leading to premature aging.

The worlds most renowned hairstylists have recommended sleeping on silk as it is gentle and hair friendly. Helps maintain hair extensions, braids, damaged hair, lash extensions and great for men’s beards.

The durability of silk plays a big role in the quality of Silk. A fibre of silk that is of the same diameter as a fibre of steel is said to be stronger than the steel. That is pretty durable, although it is important to know that all silk is not equal. Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk because silkworms grown in captivity are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Special care is taken to ensure the cocoon of the silkworms weft is kept intact so that when it is softened and unwound into a silk thread filament it stays in piece. Silk will not deteriorate over time because of its natural fungal repellency and because chemicals are not used in processing, but this only holds true if you buy bedding that is 100 percent silk and not a blend of silk blend that contains silk plus other fibres that may or may not be chemical based or have been processed using chemicals.

Silk is a perfect choice for people suffering from asthma and from certain types of allergies such as being allergic to dust mites mold, and fungus; they tend to stay away from substances such as silk making them the ultimate selection.

Tip: How to Know if your Silk is authentic

Satin vs Pure Silk

Satin is 100% polyester fiber fabric

There are two methods you can test to know if you have silk or satin.

Fire method

Burning silk will not hold flame and the smell will be as that of burning hair. Satin will hold flame and will give off a plastic smell.

Bleaching Liquid

Place silk fabric into bleaching liquid, slowly stir and you will find the fabric will dissolve. Satin, cotton and other fabrics will not dissolve.

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