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Behind the Brand

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Hey! I'm Kyshia also known as Afua, Friday Born. I am a Mother, Entrepreneur, Self Care Consultant and Skin Therapist. I am very passionate about my Ghanaian roots as they have taught me to always aim for my highest potential, be diligent in caring for myself and family and many healing rituals. My passion for self development and the power it holds in creating a healthy mindset, has come from my roots as well as pulling myself out of postpartum depression. I carry this passion in my coaching and all my interactions, I try to share the true beauty behind Self Care. I am passionate about healing and emotional growth, and experience has taught me that your rituals are a powerful tool to build self-awareness, heighten your consciousness, evolve out of past programming and your overall self love.



Through the process of developing these skills, I was able to apply them to my own healing journey and now I'm helping others do the same. With my help, my clients increase their self love through their rituals, expand into a healthier version of themselves, develop inner strength through an unbreakable mindset and live a life they love.


Redefining Wellness, owner Kyshia Morris has developed a brand that considers Self Care as a daily essential. Dedicated to empowering you to build rest into your routine. Friday Born Health Infused Beauty™ incorporates a holistic approach to helping you have a healthier and happier life; by ensuring you have the necessary tools to build up a strong self love routine that nourishes your inner and outer beauty.

Providing natural and effective solutions to challenge established thinking and bring transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable you to achieve your goals, live better, and feel better. While a woman has to wear multiple hats every day and endure life changes in countless ways. Allow yourself to recover and retrieve by listening to your body. We provide user friendly tools that require minimal effort to accommodate busy schedules and reduce the potential of being overwhelmed.


Consider us your wellness hub with a Self Care system that caters to your internal and external needs. Small changes lead to big impacts. Allow yourself to live self full and softly. 


A Few Must Haves

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My pantry, home, fashion and lifestyle favs I've curated a list of everything worth buying!


I owe 70% of the success of my mindset transformation to subliminal programming and high frequency music. Experience a new era of science-backed music to unlock your best self on demand.  

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