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How to Start Owning your Shit and Transforming your Life

See my most life changing moment and learn how to transform your life.

Taking accountability for your actions and the things that you have been choosing for your life. The most life changing moment I had was when a very important person to me said to me. Yes it’s unfortunate that all these things are going on and happening but at some point you’re gonna have to start owning your shit. It hurt a lot I was like wait what did she just say to me? From that moment on that was the approach I took on life, I wanted to start owning my shit. So that meant realizing that I get to choose if I’m going to upset and miserable and blame every inconvenience on something that wasn’t in my control. All different types of things are going to happen in life we may not understand why or what but it’s all apart of our story and our life lessons.

It was a slow start and not perfect, but I believe from that moment is when I began to slowly understand that the things listed below were all I really needed to learn so that I could truly be at peace and have consistent happiness. Here is a list of the things I found to personally transform my life and my overall happiness.

-Create boundaries

-Stop doing shit you don’t want to do

-Don’t take things personally - let stuff go

-reading books/listening to podcasts

-Getting enough sleep - eat good meals and drink your water

Mind the business that pays you

Investing in a Mentor>Coach>Therapist/Psychologist

With that being said, no it’s not going to be perfect all of the time there are going to be bad days too it’s up to you whether you’re going to let it hold you hostage or if you’re going to let it go and flow.

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