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30 Lessons I learned in my 20's

Really quick I always do a birthday reflection every year that way I can take a look at my goals and my achievements and set new goals as I step into a new chapter. Here are 30 different lessons that I learned in my 20s that had a lot of impact, some came easy some came the hard way most importantly they were all lessons learned

Love yourself before others

Be Kind

Just book the flight you will figure out the rest later!

People are only as good as their mindsets

You create your reality

Be selective about your circle

The most powerful thing you own is your mind invest in it

Stop watching the news and live your life

Family doesn’t mean blood relations

Beyoncé has really been there for me through it all 🤣

Going vegan is really the best option for our health but I could never give up chicken

Personal Development should be a compulsory school subject

God is the director

Most conflict is just miscommunication - TALK

Invest your money

Stay young

Affirmations, manifestation and spirituality are real and everyone’s life would be a lot smoother if it was taught and embraced early

What others THINK of you is none of your business

We all have trauma

Having preference is okay

Listen to your intuition

Happiness is found within

10 times out of 10 peoples hate for others is an imbalance within themselves

Mufti Menk & 19 Keys lectures are household staples (Look them up)

“Luxury” is a mindset

Eat dinner as a family at least once a week

Everybody has their own journey let them walk it

History & trauma bonding are not valid reasons to keep people in your life

Sleep on silk it’s better for your skin & hair

Energy cleanses are necessary

Motherhood is the most beautiful, draining, rewarding, challenging full time job you will ever have

Rest is just as important as work

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