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Let’s work together to GET IN ALIGNMENT with yourself, EVOLVE out of past programming and EXPAND into a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER version of you. We focus on developing INTENTIONAL TRANSFORMATION through conscious Mindset, Internal Healing & Personal Growth. 


I know it's hard and you're constantly questioning if you're doing the right thing, I understand wanting something so bad for your life but not having the support, tools, and alignment to get there. Environmental changes and constant uncertainty happening around us everyday, can easily lead us to to feel overwhelmed and even helpless, it's time to take your power back, let go of PAST limiting programming. You deserve to develop your inner strength build up an unbreakable mindset.

This self-paced transformational mindset workshop will allow you to discover your own power to create the happiness, abundance, love, and health you’ve been seeking externally. The teachings outlined in this workshop can be used to transform different areas of your life with ease. The basis of this guide will focus on your mindset, which you will learn how to transform step by step to improve your overall well-being. You will learn the internal process of creating a mindset shift, emotional growth, self transfiguration and how to apply it to your unique desires. This guide outlines a daily wellness protocol which is recommended to follow for a minimum of 40 days for ideal results. You will learn how to create your new habits to start living a life you truly love and unlock a new level by learning how to transform your reality using new thought patterns, how to regulate your nervous system when unwanted circumstances are popping up, and so much more! After the 4 day lesson plan, you will find multiple pages of journal prompts and  affirmations included to transform your reality around love, relationships, money, success, health, and beauty. There is also a list of recommended sleep tapes you can use for each area of your life at the end of the workshop. The transformational wellness guide is not a magic pill, the results are completely up to each individual based on their level of dedication to the internal work. Do not purchase this product if you are expecting anything to be done for you. This is a self-transformation process that must be completed by the individual purchasing it. You are in full control of your life, it’s time to learn how to create the reality you desire. This guide is written in English and does not contain video content.

We are unable to offer refunds for digital downloads due to the nature of the products, unless a duplicate order was placed.

*Please note if you are interested in a 1 on 1 experience for more support throughout your journey you can reach out via email and we can start working together to transform your reality.


Master your Mind

Emotional Growth

Dive Deep

Powerful strategies to do shadow work like a master. Meet the shadow and Master the shadow. Gain a full innserstanding of yourself and the beauty you possess!

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